Our Snow Load Guard:

  • is the first patented snow scale in Germany
  • is ISO9001:2015 QM and CE certified
  • is manufactured in Germany
  • offers high-quality and 4 years warranty on new devices (from the date of delivery)
  • is based on more than 15 years of experience and continuous development
  • is a maintenance-free complete system based on the latest technology. Unpack, set up, plug in - ready!
  • is an all-inclusive solution - no matter if building management system (BMS) connection, online portal, storm-proof base system and much more - we cover all your needs & requirements!
  • offers best possible security for your building and your data (we only use certified, GDPR compliant data centers in Europe)
  • has an integrated heating system that ensures functionality even at low temperatures
  • the special base system can compensate roof slopes up to 10°
  • has its own online portal where you can conveniently monitor and download all measured values, alarms, etc. from your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • provides more safety for people & material assets since many years
  • many well known companies like the Deutsche Bahn, real or the bavarian Staatsbad Bad Reichenhall are among our clients

Let us convince you of our advantages!

Digital & fully automated

  • The snow load is measured regularly and fully automatically - no more need to enter the icy roof surfaces
  • if the predefined warning and limit values are exceeded, an alarm is sent by e-mail and SMS automatically
  • in case of power or network failure the system sends an off-/online alarm
  • special M2M Industry SIM cards for outdoor use guarantee a long service life
  • our online portal offers convenient access and overview of the measured values - no matter from which location or end device (PC, tablet, smartphone) - all services without any extra charge!
  • 12 months data storage incl. graphical display of measurement results and download function
  • unlimited number of users with individual user rights

In the media

We are very happy to find reports about our snow load scale in the trade press regularly. Newspaper reports about the various applications of our snow load scale have been released in different national daily newspapers, too. Therefore, we reach the experts as well as the public equally.



Please see our subpage press reports for all details about the various reports and articles.

Innovative technology

  • the use of three redundant load cells ensures a particularly accurate measurement result, optimum fail-safety and the highest reliability

  • the integrated heating system prevents the weighing body of freezing (e.g. due to ice bridging) and ensures functionality even at low temperatures and high snow masses
  • the snow load scale has an integrated BMS connection with two digital and one analog output (e.g. for a signal horn, warning light, etc.)
  • the Snow Load Guard is electrically powered (regular 230 V household power supply guarantees a reliable electrical supply even on gray winter days and is a sustainable alternative to batteries)

Sophisticated design

  • the design of the extra large collection basket ensures the most realistic reproduced of the snow load
  • the self-supporting carrier system can be set up/relocated in just a few minutes, works on roofs with up to 10° roof slope, offers a high degree of stability, no need to penetrate the sensitive roof cladding
  • our snow load scale has proven itself even under the hardest conditions - have a look at our      "Functional test EXTREM: roofguards meets Zugspitze"