The roofguards Story

Immediately after the news of the collapse of the ice-skating rink in Bad Reichenhall on January 2, 2006 at 3:54 p.m. reached the current managing partner of the roofguards GmbH, Tom Roßhuber, he sat down with his team for the first time to think about how such a catastrophe could be avoided in the future. However, it was still a long way until the foundation of today's company roofguards GmbH and the development of a patented and best possible monitoring system. Come and join us on our way to one of the leading snow weight scale companies in the DACH region.


For many years Tom Roßhuber was the commercial and technical manager of a medium-sized family business, responsible not only for a precasting plant, but also for a construction company that builds and operates many commercial buildings and halls. At that time, no one had thought to use a digital measurement method in conjunction with fully automatic snow load monitoring. The vision of first making the company's own buildings safer and later - after several years of development and testing - going "out into the world" with an innovative system that primarily focuses on the highest level of safety was born.


From the beginning it was a great advantage that Tom Roßhuber had studied geography and meteorology in addition to his acquired knowledge in the field of construction and statics. This made it possible to combine the individual, complex, technical and scientific topics in a meaningful way.


As early as 2006, a large number of prototypes were designed and built, which initially differed mainly in shape and size. A "weighty" role was always played by the sensible number of load cells. In the following years, the prototypes were tested in real field trials, not only in the flat countryside, but on a very snow-reliable alpine hut in Tyrol (Austria). A photograph of this location graces our presentations.



During the field tests, a manually cut snow profile was compared with the displayed weight of the various "snow load scales" over a period of more than 4 years. In the process, it was verified again and again whether and, above all, why there was a difference. After this analysis, the prototypes were modified again and again, until an "ideal shape" was created that delivered almost identical results compared to the real situation.


In the end, the white corpus made of 6 mm cold- and heat-resistant special plastic used in today´s original roofguards Snow Load Guard turned out to be the "ideal" shape. In addition to the relevant and deliberately selected size of the weighing body, the corpus also has various integrated openings at special positions. First, these openings ensure that the snow is deposited as realistically as possible within the weighing body. It is also important that melting snow or snow that has changed (e.g. due to moisture penetration) always behaves nearly identical as on the surface of the roof. The triangular shape with a total of three high-precision measuring cells (one in each corner), which calculate the arithmetic mean via a weight transmitter, are the heart of the system and guarantee the most accurate possible mapping of the actual snow load under the most varied wind and weather conditions.


An extreme test was performed over a period of 9 months in the winter of 2015/16 on the Zugspitze. The roofguards Snow Load Guard was subjected to comparison with the scientific measurement methodology in a scientific research program at Germany's highest climate research station (UFS Schneefernerhaus).

Here are the impressive results: Even at the maximum measured 911 kg/m², a deviation of only 2 - 3 % was registered. The overlying snow height was about 7 meters. All data were transferred error-free from this extreme height. The installed integrated heating in the area around the load cells, which prevents freezing of the weighing body even under extreme conditions, has certainly also contributed to this great result and has since then been part of the standard equipment of the roofguards snow load scale.



The main features of the original roofguards snow load scale have already been protected by the German Trademark and Patent Office since 2006. The patent was granted after almost 7 years of examination on the 17.01.2013 with certificate of the Federal Republic of Germany. The roofguards Snow Load Guard is the first patented snow scale in Germany.


From the very beginning, the roofguards snow load scale has been produced in Bavaria with both QM and CE certification. Today, as an IoT (internet of things) based, digital solution, it represents a forward-looking technology that had its development beginnings long before the current hype about digitalization and artificial intelligence, and therefore represents the state of the art today.


Even though there are now alternatives on the market (and unfortunately also imitators), roofguards is considered a pioneer and guarantor for a well-engineered and functioning snow load monitoring system - not least due to our 15 years of experience under constant further development.


Even before the DSGVO became effective, it was clear to us that simply storing customer data on a standard company server could not meet our understanding of data security for our customers. That's why we decided use a large European data center as our platform from the very beginning. The data center not only guarantees DSGVO compliance, but also ensures optimal redundancy, fail-safety, maintenance, security against cyber attacks, and much more. Updates and server maintenance happen without the customer noticing.


Of course, all this has its price. But we don´t hide our price structure, transparency is rather another commandment that we have voluntarily imposed on ourselves.


Our vision

We dream of being a global part of a solution for the common good on important issues related to environmental hazards and want to inspire to make changes to avoid unnecessary damage in the future. Our goal is to provide a sustainable response to existing and increasing impacts of the environmental/climate crisis.


Our mission

Our mission at roofguards is to be there for our customers at all times and to convince them with a high-quality product and optimal service. Since we take sustainability very seriously, we pay attention to high quality and above-average warranty periods of 4 years warranty on our patented original snow load scales (new devices). We stand for a long-term business relationship "at eye level".